Our fees

Fee terms*

Where possible we quote a fixed fee for a project, sometimes with part paid in advance or in monthly instalments.

Typical fees

The minimum fee for a small project, perhaps an outline inheritance tax review or tax return, usually is £850 plus VAT.

For larger projects the fee depends on time, complexity, value of the advice and level of risk. The fee may range between £1,250 and £9,500 plus VAT, fixed and agreed in advance.

For large recurring annual work, such as advising several family members and trusts, taking a few days per month on average, I can work on an annual fixed fee payable monthly.

Free meetings to discuss background

Where there is likely to be a significant or recurring project, I can meet for 30 minutes free of charge on Zoom, to explore what future advice may be required. For very complex matters and on larger projects, I may be able to meet in person in Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire (and on certain fixed dates in London and Edinburgh). Advice is not given in these calls or meetings but the general position and background discussed.

Fixed fee advice call

Where advice is required on a simple project, we can arrange a fixed fee call or Zoom meeting. In advance of the meeting we will need ID, engagement letter, a fee payment and an emailed note of the background and queries.

It is not a subsitute for full written advice but may be useful where you wish to understand the likely outline tax position of a plan, the tax risks, HMRC’s possible challenge or any potential misunderstandings of the tax rules.

*The small print

The above is a simple guide. Full details can be found in my terms of business, which forms part of the engagement letter, available on request.

Free meetings are on the basis of full emailed questions and background being provided in advance and bringing suitable client identification (passport and utility bill) to the meeting.

It is also on the basis that any guidance given at the meeting is informal and not be acted upon before formal written advice is taken and paid for, and subject to the terms of an agreed engagement letter.

I have extra requirements and a fee premium for any January tax returns. See this link.